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Name of moth group Offwell Moth Group
Number of Members Non-membership group, but typical attendance at events is around 40 people from other local groups.
When was the group founded? 2008
Website address
Features on the website that may particularly interest visitors Records of past moth-trapping events at the Woodland Education Centre, including species lists. News of upcoming events.
Contact details for enquiries Dougal Syers by or telephone 01404 831881 weekdays (after 12pm).
Is there a cost to join the group? Free of charge, though visitors attending events are encouraged to make a donation and join our supporters group ‘Offwell Woodlanders’.
How is information fed back to members? Our regular, printed Woodlanders supporter’s group newsletter contains details of any moth-trapping events and the resulting survey. Details are also published on our website at
Is there an active field events programme and are non-members welcome to attend these events? Informal moth trapping events are held at the Woodland Education Centre in Offwell, East Devon at irregular intervals. We encourage anyone with an interest in moths to attend these events, though we do request a donation to the Offwell Woodland & Wildlife Trust.
A brief summary of the work of the group. Offwell Moth Group exists to allow enthusiasts and lepidopterists alike to undertake moth-trapping and recording at the Woodland Education Centre in East Devon. Due to the rich and varied habitats found at the Centre, over 128 species were recorded there at the last event. After a trapping event, two classrooms are available for members to open their moth-traps and inspect the moths inside.

County Moth Recorders

All moths
Barry Henwood, 6 Lakeland, Abbotskerswell, Devon, TQ12 5YF

Tel: 01626 364080


Butterfly Conservation – Devon
Marjory Taylor
Danes View, Lower Lane, Dalwood, Axminster, Devon EX13 7EF
Tel: 01404 881 250


County Recorder – Dave Smallshire
8 Twindle Beer, Chudleigh, Newton Abbot, TQ13 0JP
Tel: 01626 853393

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