Moth Groups

Name of moth group Northamptonshire Moth Group
Number of members Approx. 25
When was the group founded? No fixed start date, but the website came into being in 2003
Website address
Features on the website that may particularly interest visitors The species accounts depict local distribution maps at 10Km scale, with indications of historic records dating back to the mid 19th Century
Contact details for enquiries Mark Hammond,
Is there a cost to join the group? No
How is information fed back to members?

There is a Notice Board page on both the macro- and micro-moth websites:

We do also send out emails to group members, giving details of field trips, dates for record submission, etc

Is there an active field events programme and are non-members welcome to attend these events? Yes. Run by members of the group throughout the year. These events are posted on the website, along with results of species seen, e.g.:
A brief summary of the work of the group. The aims of the group are to raise the profile and increase the recording of moths in Northamptonshire & The Soke of Peterborough (Vice County 32) - macros and micros. To this end, the active field group can be contacted by anyone wishing to help, submit records or with identification queries or other issues concerning moths. As the site thrives on records we welcome them in any form whatsoever. 

County Moth Recorders

Mark Hammond


Butterfly Conservation Bedfordshire & Northamptonshire
Martin Izzard



County Recorder – Mark Tyrrell
8 Warwick Close, Raunds, Wellingborough, Northants, NN9 6JH
Tel: 01933 389 748

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