Portland Bill, Dorset

With its rich indigenous fauna and reputation as one of Britain’s premier immigrant hotspots Portland has much to appeal to the visiting entomologist. Butterfly-wise, it is best known for the endemic cretaceus Silver-studded Blue, together with strong populations of Adonis, Chalkhill and Small Blues, as well as other calcareous specialists. With a moth list of around 1200, including numerous national firsts, indigenous macros such as Portland Ribbon Wave, Flame Brocade and Four-spotted can be seen. Star micros : Eudarcia richardsoni, Ischnosia borreonella and Helcystogramma lutatella are all also Portland only or Portland and Purbeck only. The island is among the top half-dozen sites in the country for diversity, with highly range-restricted species being particularly well-represented.

by Martin Cade, Portland Bird Observatory and Field Centre


Accommodation details


Name: Portland Bird Observatory and Field Centre mthtrpfdlysml
Location: Portland Bill, Dorset
Type of accommodation: Budget, self-catering: nine single, twin or family bunkrooms with shared facilities in the lighthouse, together with self-contained accommodation for four in the Lighthouse-keepers Cottage.
Address: Old Lower Light, Portland Bill, Dorset DT5 2JT

Situated in the Old Lower Lighthouse at Portland Bill, Portland Bird Observatory and Field Centre was established in 1961 to provide a focal point and accommodation for anyone interested in the natural environment of Portland. Although primarily a bird migration watchpoint and ringing station, moth-traps are operated daily within the observatory grounds and trap contents are available for examination; guests may operate their own trap if desired.

Proprietor: Portland Bird Observatory and Field Centre

Contact details: 01305 820553 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Website: www.portlandbirdobs.org.uk

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