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Date: 5th May 2022


Location: nr Southampton

Details: 5 May: Winter Damselfly (Sympecma fusca) found today. The 2nd British record.


Date: 5th May 2022

Keith Knights

Location: Bradwell, Great Yarmouth, UK

Details: Silver Y nectaring in polytunnel this afternoon.


Date: 5th May 2022

Scott Barron

Location: Wall, nr Hayle, Cornwall

Details: Night of 4 May: 1 Dark Sword-grass to light.


Date: 5th May 2022


Location: Charlecote, Warwick, Warwickshire, UK

Details: Night of 4th May Dark Sword-grass to garden MV trap.


Date: 2nd May 2022

Paul David Howe

Location: Seabrook, Hythe, Kent

Details: Night of 01 May
RDP to light.


Date: 2nd May 2022

Andrew Rhodes

Location: Budleigh Salterton, UK

Details: 28th April- Udea ferrugalis x1 to light


Date: 1st May 2022

Chris Vincent

Location: Brixton, Plymouth, UK

Details: Delicate. Otter Garden Centre. 21/04/2022. To 62W actinic/synergetic


Date: 30th April 2022

Landguard Bird Observatory

Location: Suffolk, UK

Details: Delicate - earliest records on the various East Anglian websites are not until June. Also 1st site record of Streamer. Numbers & variety of moths this spring has been abysmal so far.


Date: 28th April 2022

Maurice L Opie

Location: Fareham, UK

Details: One Turnip Moth to 40w Actinic 27/4


Date: 28th April 2022

Nigel Cottle

Location: Taunton, UK

Details: Night of 27th April.
One Silver Y to light.


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