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Date: 3rd October 2022

Richard Poxon

Location: Mile Oak, Portslade, Brighton, UK

Details: I was alerted to a fully grown Convolvulus Hawk larvae found looking for a pupation
spot in the garden of a house in Mile Oak. Plenty of foodplant nearby.


Date: 3rd October 2022

Julian Francis

Location: Tolpuddle, Dorset (VC9)

Details: One Convolvulus Hawkmoth last night (2/10)


Date: 3rd October 2022

Jonathan Parkhouse

Location: Box, Wiltshire, UK

Details: Vestal to Light, 2nd October


Date: 3rd October 2022

Ian Hodgson

Location: Coryates, West Dorset

Details: Night of 2 October Beautiful Marbled, 3 Delicates and Turnip to MV light


Date: 1st October 2022

Tony Wilson

Location: Callestick, Truro, UK

Details: Night of 30th Sept - Vestal, Silver Y, Diamond-back Moth and 2 Rush Veneer.


Date: 27th September 2022

Paul Harris

Location: Weymouth, UK

Details: Palpita vitrealis to MV last night.


Date: 26th September 2022

Robin Hemming

Location: Bodenham, Hereford, UK

Details: A single Rush Veneer plus no longer a migrant more a wanderer, a Clifden Nonpareil in the Bodenham Vc36 trap this morning.


Date: 26th September 2022


Location: Little Eccleston, Preston, UK

Details: Rush Veneer to 40w Actinic on the night of 23rd September 2022


Date: 25th September 2022


Location: St. Just, Cornwall

Details: Night of 23 September: Striped Hawk-moth to light.


Date: 25th September 2022


Location: RSPB Newport Wetlands, West Nash Road, Newport, UK

Details: Night of 23 September: Dewick's Plusia to light.


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