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Currently arrival conditions
are poor


Date: 11th June 2023


Location: Freshwater (VC10)

Details: Night of 10 June: 5 Delicate, 2 Dark Sword-grass & 5 Silver Y to light.


Date: 9th June 2023

Alec Harmer

Location: Garden, Lymington Hants VC11

Details: I. degeneraria Portland Ribbon Wave, to MV trap night of 8th June


Date: 6th June 2023

Clive Atkins

Location: St. Osyth, UK

Details: Night of 5th
Spurge Hawk-moth 3rd of the year, plus 17 Silver Y on Red Valerian at dusk but only one in trap the following morning.


Date: 6th June 2023

Landguard Bird Observatory

Location: Suffolk, UK

Details: Delicate this morning.
Recently just the odd Silver Y with no other migrants. Resident species in very poor numbers. Most species late emerging. Micros almost non-existent. Consistency northerlies along the coast with cool nights. On the plus side it doesn't take long to go through the traps !


Date: 4th June 2023


Location: East Kent

Details: 3 June: 2 Swallowtail butterflies reported - one on the coast path between St. Margarets Bay and KIngsdown.


Date: 3rd June 2023

Nigel Cottle

Location: Netherclay Community Woodland, Netherclay, Bishop's Hull, Taunton, UK

Details: Night of 31st May. One each Dark Sword-grass and Silver Y to MV light.


Date: 2nd June 2023

Alec Harmer

Location: Lymington, Hants VC 11

Details: Night of June 1st. One gamma and one ferrugalis to garden m.v.


Date: 31st May 2023

Geoff Lightfoot

Location: Overcombe, Weymouth, UK

Details: Night of 30th May : Pearly Underwing, 2 Silver y to light.


Date: 31st May 2023

Clive Atkins

Location: St. Osyth, England, UK

Details: Night of 30th
Spurge Hawk-moth, 2nd of the year


Date: 28th May 2023

John Worth

Location: Trewern Lane, Penzance, UK

Details: Night of 27th May, 2023: One Silver Y to light at Trewern Moor.


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