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Ever heard a moth squeak?

The spectacular Death’s-head Hawk-moth Acherontia atropos is one of the largest moths to occur in the British Isles. It arrives each year as a migrant from southern Europe and north Africa and it is deeply rooted in superstition as a creature of ill omen. It even featured in the Hollywood blockbuster Silence of the Lambs.

The moth also has the rare ability to squeak like a mouse by forcing air through its proboscis. For moth enthusiasts, however, it remains one of the holy grails of their hobby and to encounter this spectacular beast is an event that will never be forgotten. The name of our publications comes from the scientific name of the species, and the smiling face on the thorax of the moth provides our logo. (Photo by Robert Thompson)


Photo of the month

May 2024 Winner - Willowherb Hawkmoth Proserpinus proserpina trapped on 24th May in Folkestone. By Ian Roberts.

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