To book advertising space, please email or phone the editorial office on 01326 290287. Advertising space must be booked in advance.

Camera-ready artwork is preferred (on disc, bromide or good quality print-out of the advertisement in exact size), but adverts can also be made up from copy received for a £20 fee. A sample copy of a previous issue is available upon request.

Rates and Data

Single IssueThree IssuesSize
Quarter page£90£70 each90mm x 59mm
Half page£120£100 each128mm x 90mm
Full page£180£140 each128mm x 185mm
Inside back cover£280£250 each128mm x 185mm


Available by arrangement. Cost depends on size and weight. Please email or phone the editorial office on 01326 290287.

Copy Deadlines

15 March (spring issue)
1 July (summer issue)
15 October (autumn issue)


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