Flight Arrivals User Guidelines

Flight Arrivals User Guidelines

We would ask recorders to follow these guidelines when using Flight Arrivals

How to use Flight Arrivals

  • To post on our Flight Arrivals you must be registered as a member of the site. This is a very quick and easy process during which you will be asked to chose a username and password. If you forget your details in the future, you can request a reminder or reset from the log in screen

What to post

  • Please post news and photographs of migrant butterflies, moths and dragonflies.
  • The site may be used to post extra-limital records of resident species that may relate to immigration, but we would urge caution in naming sites where a resident population may be present.
  • Please post your photos. You can upload multiple photos to each post on the news board, but each file must not exceed 5MB.
  • Please think carefully before submitting information to the Flight Arrivals page. Will it cause problems with landowners/site managers? Is the species sensitive to human pressure? If in doubt just give the county/area rather than the exact site of the record.
  • Though this page is regularly monitored, in the interests of making news available quickly information is not validated before it appears. Inevitably this means that inaccurate information will appear from time to time. It is therefore important that information is not published without prior validation.
  • For moth-trapping records please give the date the trap was switched on rather than the morning after.
  • Please avoid swamping the site with reports of small numbers of common immigrant species when these species are appearing on a daily basis.
  • Submitting information to this site is no substitution for sending your data to the county recorder.

Use of records and images

  • Images posted on the Flight Arrivals page may be used for promotion of the news service and may appear in the journal Atropos or on Atropos social media accounts. In all cases the photographer’s name will be acknowledged and copyright remains with the photographer.
  • By using Flight Arrivals, you consent to the use of your image and accreditation using your name and sighting location. We may contact you using your registered contact details to verify information regarding a sighting that you have submitted. We hold and manage the data under article 89 of GDPR which permits the use of information for the purpose of “archiving in public interest”, which means maintaining permanent records for future analysis, research and identification purposes.

Photo of the Month

  • Each month between April and November we choose a photograph that has been posted on Flight Arrivals as our Photo of the Month.
  • Photo of the Month winners are posted on our home page.
  • To enter the competition, simply post your photograph of a migrant butterfly, moth or dragonfly on Flight Arrivals
  • Photo of the Month winners receive £20 to spend at Atropos Books, valid on orders over £34
  • The Editor’s decision is final


  • Atropos reserves the right to withdraw any information from this site without prior notice.
  • Atropos cannot accept any responsibility or liabilities from information appearing on Flight Arrivals.

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