National Recording Schemes

National Recording Schemes

The following national recording schemes are currently in operation and will be happy to receive information from recorders. If you are aware of a national recording scheme that is not listed here please contact the editor.


Garden Moth Scheme

Gelechiid Recording Scheme

Incurvarioidea Recording Scheme (Longhorn moths and allies)
Keith Bland, 35 Charterhall Road, Edinburgh, EH9 3HS

National Leaf-mining Lepidoptera Recording Scheme

National Moth Recording Scheme

Pyralid and Plume Recording Scheme

Moths of Ireland


Big Butterfly Count

UK Butterfly Monitoring Scheme


Dragonfly Ireland

Dragonfly Recording Network
(Great Britain): the network of county dragonfly recorders administered by the British Dragonfly Society.

Migrant Dragonfly Project


National Biodiversity Network


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