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Date: 12th August 2022

Stan Taylor

Location: Warwick, UK

Details: One Vestal to garden trap last night


Date: 12th August 2022

Iain Outlaw

Location: Newport, Isle of Wight, UK

Details: Thu 11 August. Male cicada singing, presumed to be Cicada barbara


Date: 12th August 2022

Ian Barton

Location: Stretham, VC29

Details: Night 11 Aug - To MV: Marbled clover 1 (last one here 2005), Gem 1f (last one here 2013).

Near daily Hummingbird Hawk moth activity for last 2 weeks with peak of 3 nectaring on Nicotinia on evening Aug 4th.


Date: 11th August 2022

John Worth

Location: Holy Well of St Madron, Madron, Penzance, UK

Details: One SilverY to light on evening of 10th August at the chapel.


Date: 10th August 2022

sue davies

Location: Freshwater Bay, Freshwater, UK

Details: Tree-Lichen Beauty and Bordered Straw to MV Robinson.9th August overnight.


Date: 10th August 2022

Ian Barton

Location: Stretham, VC29

Details: Convolvulus hawk-moth nectaring on our nicotiana flowers 21.45


Date: 10th August 2022

Ian Barton

Location: Stretham, VC29

Details: Bordered Straw 1, Small Mottled Willow 1, Acrobasis tumidana 1 - all to MV light set 9 August.


Date: 10th August 2022

Ian Morgan

Location: WWT Llanelli Wetland Centre, Llwynhendy, Llanelli, UK

Details: Clouded yellow seen yesterday afternoon (10th Aug). Also two rush veneers in Llanelli moth trap last night (10/8).


Date: 10th August 2022


Location: Marazion

Details: Night of 9/8:- Dewick's Plusia to light, trapped by Pete Fraser.


Date: 10th August 2022

Nick Hando

Location: 16 Hoton Road, Wymeswold, Loughborough, UK

Details: Hummingbird hawkmoth nectaring on Buddleia 2pm and 4pm today. Also seen 9:30am on Monday 8th August.


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