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Date: 9th June 2022

George Davis

Location: Maenporth, Falmouth, UK

Details: Striped Hawk-moth night of 08/06 in pristine condition.


Date: 9th June 2022

Mike Halsey

Location: Fleet, Hampshire, UK

Details: Night of 7th June - male Rannoch Looper to MV


Date: 8th June 2022

Julian Clarke

Location: Dungeness, Kent

Details: last night to MV on the shingle
Deltote bankiana (Silver Barred) x1 - maybe a migrant or wanderer from further up the Kent coast
Hyles livornica (Striped Hawk-moth) x1

and to sugar - one migrant species and one unexpected resident
Agrotis ipsilon Dark Sword-grass x1
Vulpes vulpes (Fox) - not a fox moth but the mammal fox which picked up my sugaring brush from under the car and ran off with it - then stopped to have a good chew, clearly was enjoying the secret ingredient (sherry).


Date: 8th June 2022


Location: Bracklesham, West Sussex

Details: Night of 7 June: 1 Striped Hawk-moth, 25 Silver Y, 4 Rush Veneer and 1 Pearly Underwing.


Date: 8th June 2022


Location: Boyton, Woodbridge, Suffolk

Details: Night of 6 June: Rannoch Looper to light.


Date: 7th June 2022

Roger Kiddie

Location: Gravesend

Details: 7/6/22. Four-spotted footman to light.


Date: 7th June 2022


Location: Kenfig Pool, Porthcawl, Bridgend

Details: 6 June: up to 10 Red-veined darters present.


Date: 7th June 2022


Location: Garrison Campsite, St. Mary's, Isles of Scilly

Details: Night of 6 June: Striped Hawk-moth to light.


Date: 7th June 2022

Tony Wilson

Location: Callestick, Truro, UK

Details: Night of 6 June - 1 Delicate, 2 Dark Sword-grass, 1 L Album Wainscot and 1 Rusty-dot Pearl.


Date: 7th June 2022

Alec Harmer

Location: Lymington, Hants VC11

Details: M. unipuncta to m.v. light on 6th June


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