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Date: 19th November 2022


Location: Tealby, Lincolnshire

Details: 18 November: Death's-head Hawk-moth photographed in a garden.


Date: 18th November 2022

Adrian Parr

Location: Lewes, UK

Details: A female Vagrant Emperor dragonfly was photographed by Brian Cox near Ifield, Lewes (E. Sussex) on 18 November.


Date: 17th November 2022

Tony Wilson

Location: Callestick, Truro, UK

Details: Night of 16th November - 1 White Speck and 1 Rusty-dot Pearl


Date: 17th November 2022

Chris Tyler-Smith, Yali Xue

Location: Linton, Cambridge, UK

Details: In garden mv trap:

Night of 16th Nov, despite wet and windy conditions: 3 Diamondback moths, 1 Rusty-dot Pearl.
Night of 15th Nov: 1 Silver Y.
Night of 14th Nov: 3 Diamondback Moths.


Date: 17th November 2022

Alec Harmer

Location: Lymington Hants VC11

Details: November 17th. Painted Lady nectaring on dead nettle in Lymington town in the warm sunshine this morning.


Date: 15th November 2022

Barbara & Richard Mearns

Location: Kirkton, Dumfries, UK

Details: At our garden MV trap:
Set 12 November, 1 Scarce Bordered Straw
Set 13 November, 1 Udea ferrugalis, 1 Turnip moth
Set 14 November, 2 Silver Y


Date: 14th November 2022

sue davies

Location: VC10 Freshwater Cliffs

Details: Convolvulus HM last night, along with White-Specks, Palpita vitrealis, Turnip, Angle Shades, Crocidosema Plebejana,. Previous night, Cosmopolitan, White-speck, Turnip, Pearly Underwing, Dark Sword-grass, Vestal, Scarce Bordered Straw., Silver Ys.


Date: 14th November 2022

Mark Tunmore

Location: Lizard, Helston, Cornwall, UK

Details: Night of 13 November 2022: Convolvulus Hawk-moth and Humming-bird Hawk-moth at light. The first November site records.


Date: 14th November 2022

Mark Holmes

Location: Salthouse, Holt, UK

Details: Single Painted Lady [showing wear] seen at 2pm, 14th November at Gramborough Hill, Salthouse,
North Norfolk. [This is my latest ever Painted Lady sighting in Norfolk].


Date: 14th November 2022

Michael Scott

Location: Longstone, St.Mary's,Isles of Scilly

Details: night of 13/11. P.xylostella (16), Painted Lady (1), Rusty Dot (209), Palpita vitrealis (73), Rush Veneer (61), Hummingbird Hawk (1), Gem (1), Vestal (5), Crimson Speckled (1), Silver Y (18), Small Mottled Willow (2), White-speck (53), Cosmopolitan (1), Pearly Underwing (7), Dark Sword-grass (23)
also others Crocidosema plebejana (26), Angle Shades (4), Turnip Moth (2), Large Yellow Underwing (24)


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