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Date: 22nd September 2022

George Davis

Location: Maenporth, Falmouth, UK

Details: Low numbers of moths generally for the benign weather throughout September. Migrants today 1 Delicate, 3 Rush Veneer and 2 pristine Convolvulus Hawk.


Date: 22nd September 2022

Nigel Cottle

Location: Charlton Orchards, Charlton Road, Creech Saint Michael, Taunton, Somerset, UK

Details: 22nd September. Two Clouded Yellow.


Date: 22nd September 2022

Jeremy Patterson

Location: Round Hill, Brighton, UK

Details: Night of 21 September to light: single P. vitrealis and Rush Veneer and two each of Pearly Underwing and RDP.


Date: 21st September 2022

John Worth

Location: Chapel Point House, Portmellon, Mevagissey, Saint Austell, UK

Details: One Clouded Yellow, just above Colona Beach.


Date: 21st September 2022


Location: St. Levan, Cornwall

Details: 19 September: Vagrant Emperor.


Date: 21st September 2022


Location: Nare Head, Truro, Cornwall, UK

Details: 20 September: AMERICAN PAINTED LADY photographed.


Date: 21st September 2022

John Hicks

Location: Talybont VC48

Details: Night of 20th.Sept.
Singles of Palpita vitrealis,Silver Y, Turnip Moth,Udea ferrugalis. Pearly Underwing, 2 Rush Veneer, 2 Vestals,2 Pale Mottled Willow. A Hummingbird Hawk-moth seen by day. 8 sightings of Convolvulus Hawk-moth at Nicotiana over the past 10 days.


Date: 21st September 2022

Paul Kitchener

Location: Shottisham, Woodbridge, Suffolk

Details: Night of 20 September: Delicate (2)


Date: 20th September 2022

Martin Culshaw

Location: Killearn, Glasgow, UK

Details: Convolvulus Hawkmoth at Nicotiana in garden on 8th-10th and 13th September.


Date: 20th September 2022


Location: Walmer, Kent, UK

Details: 19 September: 3 or 4 Queen of Spain Fritillaries seen.


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